• We believe that the BIBLE is YOUR WORD, written by people, but inspired by the Holy Spirit.


  • We believe that You are the creator of heaven and earth, and that You sustain all.


  • We believe that You were conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.
  • We believe that You suffered and died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.
  • We believe that You rose from the grave and that you thereby conquered death for us.
  • We believe that You have overcome evil and sin so that we may now live as conquerors.
  • We believe that You now intercede for us with the Father.
  • We believe that You still perform miracles to this day.
  • We believe that You want to baptize and fill us with Your Spirit.
  • We believe that You will come again to judge the unbelieving, but that those who believe in You will inherit eternal life.


  • We believe that You are sent by the Father to live in us.
  • We believe in You as our Comforter and the ONE who desires to lead us in Truth.
  • We believe it is Your will to govern and fill our lives.
  • We believe that You provide us with gifts which we should use to build up, establish and comfort the church.
  • We believe that Your fruit must be visible in our lives.


  • Jesus Christ, we believe that You are the head of Your church.
  • We believe that we who have faith in You, Lord Jesus, as our Saviour, are grafted into Your Church.
  • We believe that you send Your Church to proclaim and demonstrate Your Kingdom.
  • We believe that the office of elder exists in order to guide the congregation spiritually.
  • We believe in the fivefold ministry which was given by Christ to build and equip the body for service.


  • We believe that You instructed us to assemble together to give You praise and to worship You.
  • We believe in the functioning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and we believe that we are called to serve one another with these gifts.


  • We believe that You gave us the believers baptism as a representation of the washing away of sins; the death of the old man and the resurrection of the new man.


  • We believe that you instituted the practice of Communion as a reminder of Your death and the forgiveness of our sins.
  • We believe that You are present when Communion is used.
  • We believe that You work powerfully in us when we use Communion.


  • We believe that you have instituted marriage between a man and a woman and that the relationship between Christ and His church serves as an example for marriage.


  • We acknowledge you as the provider of all that we own and that we are called upon to honour you therein.